Geotech's Mission

Our mission is to provide environmental database management software and graphics products and services including other environmental and similar projects. Many of our clients are in the environmental, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and consulting industries, as well as government agencies. Many of these organizations have large amounts of data needing to be managed. Much of this data is distributed geographically, and we want to help our clients manage this data more efficiently and profitably, while making each individual’s job easier and more satisfying.

Company Profile

Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. was established in 1986 by noted industry author Dr. David Rich.  Focused on markets such as environmental, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, weather, and others, we have become an industry leader in the application of computer technology. With a strong commitment to the environment and public safety, Geotech has worked with many companies and organizations to maintain not only a healthier place to live, but also a safer environment. Geotech has satisfied a variety of client needs on large and small projects involving software and services. Geotech is located in Centennial, Colorado, and we are a privately held woman-owned small business. Our clients include industrial, consulting, and government organizations; most of which are in the U.S. but include dozens of countries, and range from the largest corporations to one-person shops. Our specialty is software development related to data management, mapping and graphics, and we sell commercial software for managing, displaying, and reporting environmental quality data. Our commercial software, Enviro Data & Enviro Spase, provide off-the-shelf functionality for multiple industries, and also provide a starting point for building semi-custom or custom applications for specific database needs involving environmental quality data and maps. Enviro Data & Enviro Spase are used for tracking and reporting soil, water, air and other data for industrial and other sites. We use tools like Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Oracle, and others to satisfy specific client business needs. Designed to easily overcome, or avoid common problems, Geotech offers a streamlined, more efficient process of data management and offer a variety of implementation options which easily places client data at their finger tips. Our clients routinely praise us for our cost-effective service and excellent technical support. Geotech is interested in learning more about your company, and would be glad to discuss your database, GIS, and other software needs.

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