Manage Your Environmental Data in the Cloud

Enviro Data has more implementation options than any comparable system. Geotech can help you access your whole database system remotely by using the power of Enviro Data running in the robust Microsoft Azure as a Virtual Machine, Azure Virtual Desktop or a Windows 365 Cloud PC. You and get all the benefits of Enviro Data with the same desktop experience plus all the benefits of a cloud implementation.

Flexible Storage Options


Enviro Cloud implementations are based on the same powerful and time-tested Enviro Data software that you would install on your desktop. So you don’t give up any functionality when you go to the cloud.

This means that you don’t have to install any software or data locally, with no need to deal with servers, your IT department, or other hassles. You can provide access to the software and data to others, without having to worry about distance, connection speeds, and so on. Your Enviro Data databases can be in Access or SQL server, depending on your needs.

We can provide several instances of Enviro Data for multiple users at once, all connected to the same database. Your cloud system is backed up with automated failover, so it will always be available. And we can help you set up a backup system to suit your specific needs. Especialy with the emphasis on working from home, many of our clients are migrating much of their software and data to the cloud, and Enviro Cloud makes a perfect database solution for this type of implementation.


Same Familiar Interface

If you have already been using Enviro Data, you will be able to hit the ground running with your Enviro Cloud system. And if you are new to the software, you will find features like an on-screen tour and wizard-assisted operations make it easy to be productive right away. And with most laboratories able to provide electronic deliverables compatible with Enviro Data and Enviro Cloud, you can get started building your database right away.

Multiple connections from anywhere in the world

The idea behind the cloud is that you don’t have to worry about where your data is. It’s always there whenever you (or anyone to whom you provide access) need it. For example, one of Geotech’s clients has an Enviro Cloud implementation where he has his consultant import his field data, and Geotech import his lab files. He reviews the data, and then his consultant creates his reports to submit to the appropriate agencies.

Runs in Azure

Geotech will help you set up your cloud site. Enviro Cloud runs in Microsoft Windows Azure on Microsoft’s cloud servers. Azure is really just a special version of Windows optimized to run in the cloud. Your data can live in Access, SQL Azure, or the full Microsoft SQL server. Then one or more user interface instances run in virtual machines in the cloud, which you connect to with Remote Desktop, which is part of Windows and Macintosh iOS. Azure can also be used for more advanced tasks, too. It can host websites, and lets advanced users automate a variety of data movement and manipulation activities.

Simple Architecture

One or more user interface instances run in virtual machines in the cloud, which you connect to with Remote Desktop, which is part of Windows and Macintosh iOS. You can copy and paste files between your desktop and the remote computer, and do pretty much everything else you would expect to do on a Windows computer. You just don’t have to worry about computer maintenance, crashes, and so on that are a sad fact of Windows desktops.

Great performance

Despite the software and data not being local, performance is excellent, usually faster than your desktop and local network. So you can get your work done more quickly.

Great value

A cloud implementation can save a significant amount of money over a traditional client-server implementation. Since your desktop computer is basically acting like a terminal, you can get by with inexpensive hardware. And more importantly, Enviro Cloud eliminates the need for a local server, and IT staff to babysit it. For a couple of hundred dollars a month for the cloud site, you can eliminate thousands of dollars of server hardware, and hundreds of hours of IT staff time. And there is no need to update your database server to keep up with technology.

Step into the future

Maybe it’s time to switch to Enviro Cloud, and move your data management out of the client-server past and into the cloud future.

Enviro Data for the Web

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