Our clients recommend Geotech's Enviro System software. 

We have been using Enviro Data since 2020, and recently upgraded to a SQL Server back-end. It is working really well, and we have five users trained in using it. Russ and Walter provide great technical support. Before Enviro Data he did reporting for a large project in Excel, and it took a lot time and a lot of antacid. With Enviro Data it has been quick and smooth.

I have been meaning to write this email for quite a while now. I just wanted to express our great appreciation for the assistance Russ has been providing on the validation module to create a very robust ADR process for us. He worked tirelessly to make it everything we asked for. We tweaked it so many times I was afraid he was going to tell us to go pound sand! He listened to our needs and wants and translated those into a great product. He has also been very responsive to other database issues and improvements to Espase exports and EPAR5. Things I could have never figured out.

We have been using Geotech Computer Systems' Enviro Data software for close to ten years now. It has proven invaluable to us for managing the copious amounts of environmental data collected from multiple projects at multiple locations. During the course of these years the folks at Geotech have never stopped updating, improving, and adding new features and functionality to the Program. In fact the best feature of the Enviro Data software is the people at Geotech. They have always been there to help us solve problems and have provided custom changes and modifications to the program to meet our ever changing needs. If your company is looking for an environmental data management system, I would highly recommend you give the Enviro Data software and the GCS team a try

Some of the best software support I have experienced.

The flexibility of the software along with its ease of use is its greatest feature (usually two conflicting goals). The database is beautifully designed and technical support is excellent (5 stars).

Some of the best software support I have experienced.

I really enjoy that anyone at the company can learn to use it. Users don't have to be computer-pros. It is very effective that I can figure out issues or discrepancies on my own and don't have to call customer service every time theirs a glitch.

I've been using Enviro Data since 2011 and it meets all of our data management needs. Queries are simple to run and comparison to regulatory limits is easy! Output formats are customizable to fit project managers' preferences for data display and presentation. I struggle to define any fair criticisms. I'm very happy with the software; when I encounter problems, they are usually a byproduct of a user error.

We were able to update very old software easily with this software and support staff. We did not loose any productivity and were able to keep the data management staff reporting during the whole process.

Geotech solved our data management problem by developing a semi-customized system tailored to our specific needs. This system now has over a million records of data in it. They provided exceptional service, and we are pleased with the program and Geotech's continuing support.

Using software from Geotech, our company was able to transfer many of the data management activities for a complex project from a high priced project manager to more economic tech and clerical staff members. This resulted in cost savings of $12,000 per year on just one project.

We have found Geotech to be very receptive to our needs. The cost of Geotech setting up our system was very reasonable.

Our time to process electronic data files decreased from 30 minutes to 5 minutes per file using Geotech's software, for cost savings of almost $5,000 per year just for that one task.

The software provided by Geotech just works. We don’t even think about it.

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