Enviro Data Key Features

Enviro Data has many features that work together to make your data management process pleasant and efficient, contributing to a significant increase in project quality. Some of these features are described briefly here, and then in greater detail in the User Documentation. To view a section below, click on the header or ">".

Key Features

General Software Features

Easy to use - Enviro Data has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use for people who are not database experts. Menu-driven operation and extensive use of wizards to guide you through common tasks, combined with an on-screen tour and extensive documentation, make it easy for you to get the software going, and keep it going for years.
Open-ended system - Enviro Data runs within the popular Microsoft Access data management system, and you can easily expand the system to your specific project needs by adding your own tables, queries, forms, reports, and program code. While many Enviro Data clients use the software as-is without modifications, the capability to expand the system yourself is always open to you. You should, however, consult Geotech before making changes to the software to avoid possible problems in the future. 
Normalized relational data model - The data structure of Enviro Data has been carefully crafted using relational database theory to provide data integrity while minimizing storage requirements.
Store one or multiple projects in one database - Enviro Data lets you store as many projects, called “sites”, as needed in each database. You might want to do this if you have several projects with similar requirements. 
Create multiple databases - You can create as many databases as you need. You might do this if your projects have more differences than similarities, or to protect client confidentiality.
Lab data checker - Geotech provides a lab checker version of the software, so your lab can check the format and consistency of your electronic data deliverable file with your existing data before they send it to you. Many labs around the country have licensed and can use this checker on your projects.
User classes and site security - Enviro Data lets you assign users to classes, which determines whether users can edit or only view data. You can also specify which users can have access to which sites in the database. 
Database of databases - For users with a lot of Enviro Data database files, Enviro Data helps you manage them, showing summary statistics, and letting you open them with just a couple of mouse clicks, rather than having to navigate to the file each time.
Management of bulk data - You can easily manage data that does not easily fit into the samples/analyses data model. This works well for time sequence data such as from level loggers and multi-parameter probes, down-hole data such as direct push sensors, and two- and three-dimensional survey data. .
Support for Windows and Office Keyboard Shortcuts - Enviro Data support the common keyboard shortcuts. Note that these may vary depending on the version of MS Office or Windows you are using. There may be other keyboard shortcuts and a comprehensive list can be found here.

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