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Frequently Asked Questions - Geotech Computer Systems, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page contains all of the FAQs regardless of subject area. If you are looking for a specific subject area, use the Menu for Prepurchase Questions, Getting Started, Using Enviro Data and Using Enviro Spase. To search an FAQ page. enter a search word or phrase in the filter box below.

How do I fix a Run-time error 13 - Type Mismatch?

I upgraded to Enviro Data 8 and I am getting a "missing or broken reference" error. How do I fix this?

Why weren’t all of my tables converted when I upgraded to the new version of Enviro Data?

I have old Enviro Data databases. Can I use them with Version 8?

Do I need to convert an Enviro Data 2012 file for use with Version 8?

Can I use an Enviro Data 8 database with version 2012B?

Can I combine a set of regulatory limits into groups?

What are Regulatory Limits and how do I use them?

I know Enviro Data runs on the desktop, but can I run it in the Cloud?

How can I display multiple regulatory limits in a crosstab export?

I am having trouble importing an EDD. How can I troubleshoot this Import?

I think Enviro Data would work for my needs. How can I find out more and get a free trial?

Why are my Regulatory Limits not showing up in reports or exports?

What are the steps to upgrade an Enviro Data database to a newer version?

In a Crosstab, how can I have a reg limit number show up with a note or an asterisk (*)?

How can I free up an Enviro Data Concurrent Use License when it has not been released?

Why are my undetected results now reporting the wrong Value after upgrading to Version 8D?

Why am I getting an error "Can't connect to" GCSLICENSE.MDE?

What are Detection Limits and Limit Types and how should they be stored and used?

Why are my Calculated Parameters not giving the same results as in Version 2012 or 8x?

What should I do before contacting support?

Why does the Quick List and List buttons on the Select Data form display the data different?

How are Duplicates and Supersedes handled in Enviro Data?

Why am I getting the error message saying that "not all unit conversions were successful"?

Why are trailing zeros not showing up / decimal places not displayed as imported?

How does Enviro Data use Analytical Flag Codes?

What are Lookup tables and how does Enviro Data use them?

What are Parameter Units and why do I need to set them?

Why were no records returned when I selected data?

Why am I getting the error "Cannot open any more databases"?

Will Enviro Data run on a Macintosh?

What are the hardware requirements for Enviro Data?

What are the license terms for Enviro Spase?

What happened to the Enviro Data internal map?

How do I store geological data?

How can I view or list my data?

How can I set the File Open dialog to open in my C:\Enviro\EData8 folder?

How do you create an Enviro Data Subset?

How can i save a parameter's result that does not have a numerical value like color or pass-fail?

My computer with Enviro Data is not running right. What can I do to fix it?

Can I connect to my Enviro Data database saved in a File Share in Azure Blog Storage?

Why am I getting an error saying I need to install .Net Framework 3.5 when installing Enviro Spase?

What information do I need to provide to get help for Enviro Spase?

Are there any characters or symbols that will cause problems if I use them in my data?

Why am I getting a Run-Time Error 1004 when creating a Crosstab Export?

Why am I getting a Run-Time Error 1004 when creating a Crosstab Export?

What causes a 'Record To Large' error when creating a crosstab?

How can I display multiple regulatory limits in my crosstab report?

How do I determine what constitutes a unique sample and/or a unique analysis?

How do I fix an "ImportProblem" error/problem during import?

I imported a file that produced many Duplicate/Superseded errors. How can I fix this?

I imported a file that produced many Duplicate/Superseded errors. How can I fix this?

What Should I Do About Missing Parameters During Import?

My EDD wont import or I get errors when importing. How can I troubleshoot an Import?

Why do my forms take up the whole page or are in tabs in Access?

How do I import Lab and Field Data?

How should I decide how and where an Enviro Data database should be shared and/or stored?

Why should I not share my Enviro Data database using OneDrive or SharePoint?

When setting up a new project, why won't Enviro Data let me save my database?

How do I setup a new user / computer for concurrent licensing?

During an install, why do I see an error while running the setup?

How do I setup and use concurrent Licensing?

Where can I get help after installing Enviro Data?

Does Enviro Data handle Data Review and Validation?

I just started a new project. How do I enter Sites and Stations?

What are Lookup Tables and how can I modify them?

What happens the first time Enviro Data is opened after a new install?

What is required to use Enviro Data with a SQL Server database?

Do I need Read/Write privileges in the Enviro Data folder to use the program?

How do I fix an Object Library Error or Missing or Broken Reference Error?

How do I Setup to a SQL database with ODBC Connectivity?

What files are installed with Enviro Data and where are they located?

How do I set up Trusted Locations in Access?

Is there anything else I need to be aware of during or after installation?

What are the steps to install Enviro Data?

Do I need to install the 32- or 64-bit version of Enviro Data?

I have multiple users, can we share a concurrent Enviro Data license(s)?

What is required to run Enviro Spase?

Does Geotech do Custom Development?

Can Geotech load our historic data in various formats, both digital and hard copy, into Enviro Data for us?

Does Geotech provide training for their software?

What versions of Microsoft Office and Access are needed to run Enviro Data?

What types of Enviro Data and Enviro Spase licenses are available?

What is covered in the Maintenance Agreement?

Why should you choose Enviro Data?

How is Enviro Data different from a LIMS?

How can I learn to use Enviro Data?

How can a modify or add concurrent licenses for Enviro Data?

I have multiple users, can we share a concurrent Enviro Data license(s)?

What is required to run Enviro Spase?

What should I know about Geotech?

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